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Understanding the Difference Between the Italian and American Pizza

Do you always wonder which pizza you should pick, between the US and Italian pizza, every time you get to an eatery? If you have tried both Italian and American pizza, you have likely noticed some significant differences. But what makes them dissimilar? This post shall outline some of the common variances you should know.


One of the significant differences between Italian and American pizza versions is the kind of sauce that's used. When making the American, a slow-cooked sauce is used. Other restaurants choose to create their own tomato sauce recipes just to give their pizzas a distinct taste that isn't found anywhere else.

But this isn't the case when it comes to Italian pizzas; they instead have pureed fresh tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and garlic. All these ingredients give Italian pizzas a fresh and herby taste which infuses the underneath crust.


There is a wide range of crusts used to make pizza in Italy. Actually, it may seem like each small village has its own crust version. Some places have thin crust; it will feel like you are eating a cheese cracker with piled-up toppings. Again, this is different but very tasty.

In America, other than a thin crust pizza, you can also find a deep-dish pizza; this is an American creation. In fact, you can find deep-dish crusts that are so thick, you'll think you're taking a freshly baked bread with toppings.


America is known for being the home of meat lovers, and this is why you are likely to find every kind of meat piled on a pizza. This may include pepperoni, ham, hamburger, sausage, ham – the list is endless. So, you can always have the pizza prepared in your own way.

Unlike Americans, Italians are horrified by this pizza approach; they essentially consider this a sacrilege. Mixing meat is not done in Italy – they prefer appreciating the unique flavours of each kind of meat. A savoury medley of numerous kinds of meat isn't included in one dish. Despite this, Italian pizzas are tasty as well.

The next time you go to a restaurant or pizza joint and you need to choose between these two pizzas, it will be easier to make a decision now that you know some of the key differences. You can still get a unique pizza depending on your tastes and preferences. Do not be shy; just talk to the experts, and they will make the most delicious pizza for you.

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