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How To Choose A Wedding Venue

The venue is a vital concern for anyone planning a wedding. However, a challenge you could experience when finding the right-fit venue is that there are many options to choose from. Moreover, you could second guess whether the venue is suitable for your guests. Below is a guide to help you select an appropriate wedding venue. 


As a rule, the wedding venue must be accessible to your guests. Otherwise, they could arrive late or leave early. Location plays a critical role in determining the venue's accessibility. For instance, if the venue is within the town centre, you would be concerned about traffic jams. Consequently, if the venue is within the countryside, check whether the area has good roads. Besides being reachable, the location should have adequate parking slots for your guests. If not, you could consider mass transportation, such as hiring a wedding bus. 

Appeal and Services

You must be certain whether you need an indoors or outdoors venue from the onset. Outdoors venues are ideal for warm weather. They help set the wedding mood since guests enjoy fresh air, the landscape, and natural features such as water bodies and mountains. Indoor venues are versatile and affordable since you do not have to worry about the weather or erecting tents. 

What services are available at your preferred venue? For example, you might need a venue with a restaurant to ease catering. Moreover, you could opt for a venue with accommodation facilities for guests. Some wedding venues offer party hire services such as providing marquees, lighting, sound, tents, and chairs. 

Management Policies

The management's policies can significantly affect how you plan and execute the event. Look out for the following: 

  • Does management allow you to bring your caterer? If it does, will you incur a charge? It often applies when the venue has a restaurant or hotel.
  • How long is the venue available? For instance, some venues are not open late at night. In this case, you might need an alternate venue to hold the after-party.
  • What are your obligations? For instance, the venue's management could ask you to organise a clean-up after the event. Moreover, you could be required to minimise noise if the venue is in a residential area.
  • Can you terminate the rental contract? For instance, it could be you changed the wedding date or found a free venue. 


The venue's pricing should be consistent with the services offered. Given that you have several venues that meet the above criteria, pit one venue's quote against the other. Most businesses will give discounts since they would not want to lose customers. Examine the contract to determine if you will incur additional costs. For instance, some venues will charge more if you increase the number of guests or flout the initial agreement.  

When looking for a wedding venue, examine its accessibility, appeal, services, management policies, and pricing. A company like Parafield Gardens Community Club Inc might have more information.

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