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Why Wood-Fired Pizza Is Worth The Extra Dough

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes across the globe, and it is enjoyed in a variety of different ways. Some people prefer the fast-food option because it is quick, cheap and provides all that greasy goodness you would expect from those types of meals. Others just want to do it at home, with frozen pizza options, because of how simple it is. However, you should also at least consider trying a wood-fired pizza from a traditional Italian restaurant at some point. Here are a few reasons why wood-fired pizzas are perhaps the best quality you can get, despite costing a bit more than your average pizza.

Clear Flavours

Unlike cheap, mass-produced pizzas, wood-fired pizzas are all about elevating the taste of individual items on the pizza. You can taste the mozzarella, fresh olive oil, deliciously spiced tomato paste and any toppings you may have gone with. They do not overpower each other, nor are there chemical additives used to make everything more appealing without actually adding any nutritional value. All in all, wood-fired pizzas just taste so much more natural and leave you feeling a lot better than the gloopy mess that you can get at other pizza places.

Crunch To Die For

You may not realise it, but the wood-fired ovens are actually a feature, not simply just a way of cooking a piece of food. The wood itself adds this lovely dynamic to the crust of the pizza, and often special types of wood are picked specifically for their natural seasoning ability. This also leads to a much more crunchy and delicious crust and base, which means you will very rarely see these parts of the pizza leftover like you might at a fast-food pizza shop where the crust is just a means to an end, not a delicious part of the pizza.


As already mentioned, the natural ingredients in a pizza change it from one of the least healthy fast-food options to one of the better alternatives. Of course, no one is eating pizza to be healthy, but what it means is that the rest of your afternoon or day is not spent digesting all those strange chemicals and highly processed ingredients in your stomach, which would make you sluggish and sleepy. If you want to enjoy the rest of your meal and the rest of your day without becoming a tired mess, a wood-fired pizza is the only option for you. 

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