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4 Reasons to Schedule Your Toddler's Birthday Meal at Brunch Time

If you'll be scheduling a small meal with family and friends for your toddler's birthday, there's no better meal to choose than brunch. Here are 4 reasons why you should forgo dinner or breakfast and opt for a delicious cafe brunch for your little one's big day.

Avoid Tiredness

One of the biggest mood killers at a toddler's birthday meal is dealing with a grouchy and tired child, which makes breakfast and dinner meals a bust. Many toddlers take a while to fully wake up in the morning, and most are in bed too early to make a dinner outing a good idea. Brunch, on the other hand, is scheduled at the perfect time of day to avoid tiredness. It also leaves time to finish the meal before scheduling in an afternoon nap if your child is young enough to still need one.

Time for Fun

If your toddler doesn't need to nap or prefers to nap later in the day, you can utilise the daylight hours after your brunch to take your birthday boy or girl out to the park for some fun play. Whether you go alone or with the rest of your guests, some outdoor play can make your little one's birthday celebration an even better experience for them. While it's possible to schedule play before birthday dinner, the timing isn't ideal; toddlers often don't want to stop playing and may be grouchy during the meal if they've been pulled away from the park.

Less Stress

Life goes on when you have a toddler, even on birthdays. If you schedule a breakfast meal, getting your whole family to the café or restaurant on time can be a hectic endeavour when you factor in wake-up time, getting washed, and battling with your toddler over what they'll wear. Likewise, getting a toddler into bed after a late dinner meal can prove difficult. Brunch meals slot into regular daily life perfectly, ensuring your carefully crafted daily schedule isn't ruined by the birthday outing.

Budget Friendly

If you're going to be footing the bill for your child's birthday meal, brunch foods tend to cost less than dinner meals. Guests often refrain from eating before a dinner outing, which can lead to bigger, more expensive orders. Couple that with dinner generally being the biggest meal of the day as it is and you could find yourself with an expensive birthday on your hands. Brunch foods, on the other hand, are more affordable and guests likely won't be as hungry as they would at a later meal. Even if you're not paying for everyone's food, family and friends will appreciate you choosing a meal that costs them less.

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